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Make Your Own Colon Cleansers
and Rid Yourself Of Parasites and Toxins

While parasites and colon cleansing are not topics comfortably discussed around the dinner table, you might be surprised at how common they are in humans in our developed world and we're not alone.


An estimated 85 percent of all adults in North America have at least one form of parasite living in their bodies that can remain for as long as 30 years and are a major cause of illness.

Parasites are organisms that derive nourishment and protection from other living organisms, called hosts.

The eggs are transmitted from host to host through the consumption of contaminated food, water or putting anything in your mouth that has touched the stool of an infected person or animal.

They can harm you in the following ways:
  • Destroy cells faster than your body can regenerate them.
  • Produce toxic substances, causing chronic infection.
  • Irritate tissues, which causes inflammation.
  • Penetrate the skin (causing dermatitis), and perforate and damage your intestinal lining.
  • Cause obstruction of the intestine and produce pressure on organs, including brain and heart.
  • Depress your immune system while at the same time activating your immune response, which can result in immune system exhaustion.
  • Trigger headaches, joint pains, frequent colds or weakened immune system, skin rashes, nausea, indigestion, sinus congestion, and constipation.
Garlic is a proven antimicrobial agent that is effective against many species of parasites.

Licorice root is a mild detoxifier, cinnamon has anti-fungal activity and ginger is known to protect the intestinal lining and has a wide range of actions against intestinal parasites.

Getting rid of all parasites would be absolutely impossible using clinical medicines that can kill only one or two parasites each. These medicines are poisons and as such have the unpleasant side effect of making you quite ill. Imagine taking 10 such drugs to kill a dozen of your parasites!

Good news, perhaps, for the drug makers but not for you. Yet three herbs can rid you of over 100 types of parasites! And without so much as a headacheor nausea or any interference with any drug that you are already on!

  • Have You Had Your Bowel Movement Today?
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about the Colon
  • Hazards of a Toxic Colon
  • What Should A Healthy Stool Look Like?
  • What's The Best Way to Maintain Colon Health?
  • Choices for Colon Cleansing: Selecting the Best Option for You
  • Colon Cleansing Alternative to Enemas and Laxatives
  • The Problems With Enemas
  • What Causes Constipation?
  • The Problems with Most Colon Cleansing Programs
  • The Gradual Colon Cleansing Recipe
  • Parasite and Liver Flush Cleanse
  • Much Much More
We are not only going to give you the information on Colon Cleansing but provide you everything you will need to do a at Home Triple Action Colon Cleanse. 

Going to visit a certified colon hydro therapist can cost you from $80-$150/visit and will require a minimum of 8-12 visits for maximum results.  Not only is this very expensive and time consuming but can be very embarrassing.  Save yourself the frustration by doing this from the comfort of your own home as a member of Natural Home Cures you will receive everything you will need to do a Triple Action Colon Cleanse.

No Hunger Bread - Miracle Weight Loss Bread - Feel Hunger No More

No Hunger bread is based on a 2000 year old recipe that was created by the Hunza civilization. The Hunzas are considered to be the healthiest people on earth and this delicious bread is the main part of their diet. Just one or two slices of this bread would suppress a person's appetite for 4 to 6 hours!

There are facts being uncovered that support a theory that this bread was designed in ancient times for the express purpose of tiding people over when food supplies were scarce. Let's start with the Hunza people who are exceptionally trim, fit and the healthiest people on earth. Many consider their bread to be one of the main reasons for the extraordinary health of the Hunza People.

Here is a little background of the Hunza People from a feature story which has been published in many major newspapers throughout North America. This is an excerpt from the article:

"The Hunza People exist isolated from the rest of the world in the Himalayan Mountains where they live to be 110 to 120 years of age. They have no cancer, heart attacks or other major disorders to speak of. They are active and fit to the end of their lives. Men father children at 100 years of age and older. Overweight people are unheard of because they have the perfect weight control system."

After a slice or two of HUNZA DIET BREAD you eliminate both appetite and hunger. 

Not only is the bread nutritional, but it contains some proven good health producing roughage or fiber. It passes through your digestive system quickly so the actual absorbed calories are less. Your bowels also become very regular eating this bread.

Our experience shows that you lose weight and keep it off with this method better than any other method that I know exists. You won't snack on as much junk with this bread handy.

When you take a bite of the HUNZA DIET BREAD the delicious taste of the bread fills your mouth. You can tell that it is hearty, full of substance, chewy and good for you. Perhaps our bodies trigger an instinct that lets us know what's good or bad for us.

HUNZA DIET BREAD is indeed one of the best breads you will have ever tasted. It gives your body what it craves.

When you become a member you will get the recipe to the most delicious, moist bread that costs less than a $0.50/loaf to make and only take 5 minutes to prepare.

Big Businesses Don't Want You To Know
How To Get Rid Of Those Pounds and Transform Your Body
With The Last Diet You will Ever Need

The Mediterranean Diet, The Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Zone Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Negative Calorie Diet!  Geesh, it’s enough to drive you straight to the grocery store for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s finest!

Have you tried some or all of those diet

Are you sick and tired of being pushed, shoved and pulled in 10 different directions when it comes to finding a diet that works?

Listen, every diet guru out there has a plan just for you and you’re guaranteed a slim down.  They’re going to tell you that they have “discovered” the miracle of the ages.

You’ll be guaranteed a slim down all right. . .your wallet will get much slimmer by the time you’ve bought their material, supplements, food and other so-called “dietary aids."

I’m going to let you in on a secret.  It’s the absolute magical solution to your weight loss program.  Shhh, don’t tell anybody else, we wouldn’t want to let the secret out.

Here’s the scoop. . .it doesn’t matter which of the latest fad diets you try there’s only one way to lose weight.  You gotta burn more calories than you eat.  Duh!  What’s so difficult to understand?

Have you ever wondered why it is that you starve yourself, exercise to the point of exhaustion and the doggone scale never budges an inch?

It’s not your fault.  No one has ever told you why you keep repeating the same self destructive behavior over and over again.

Once you understand why, you can begin to set the proper behavior in motion.  When you do, we’ve got the tips for you.  Great stuff like:

  A great substitute for butter or margarine

  How to remove the fat from cheese

  What you can do with water to suppress your appetite

  How to eat fast food and still lose weight

  The truth about reduced fat claims

  How to order when eating out

  How to spice up and burn calories

  Why a veggie sandwich may not be the best choice

  The truth about carbohydrates and why cutting calories isn’t enough

"How To Take The Cottage Cheese Off Your Hips
Put It Back On The Plate"

Has this or something similar ever happened to you?

It’s a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon in mid-summer.  You’ve just resurrected and donned your bathing suit from last season when your four year old waltzes into the bedroom and asks, “Mommy, what’s that crinkly stuff on your legs?”

Yep, it’s the dreaded “cottage cheese monster” cellulite, and it seems as though it crept up on you practically overnight!


  What is cellulite, how does diet affect it and will it go away with exercise?

  The physicians insider secrets to complete cellulite elimination.

  The skinny on body wraps and creams, do they really work?

   Are there effective alternatives to liposuction?

The sad truth is that thousands of women (and a few men) are plagued with this unsightly condition.  Spending there hard earned money on creams, lotions and potions marketed by outrageous claims of over zealous marketers.

Before spend money on expensive “cures and treatments,” arm yourself with the most powerful tool anyone should have when it comes to what you do to your body.  What is that tool?  Knowledge! And where do you fine it?  In the Natural Home Cures Resource Library.

Overcoming Attention Deficit Disorder Naturally

Is your child hyperactive or inattentive? Is your teenager disorganized, unfocused and having trouble with schoolwork? Are you an adult who has already lived with Attention Deficit Disorder all of your life? Do you or one of your loved ones need help to achieve focus and success in life?

For ADD ADHD Adults & Children ~ Finally, a fast, natural and healthy solution!

For ADD ADHD adults or children and their families, life is a constant struggle. The most common definitions of "success" in our society seem impossible to attain, whether it's a child's ability to stay seated and focused in school or an adult's ability to complete tasks accurately and within deadlines.

As anyone struggling with ADD ADHD knows, Attention Deficit Disorder is not a straightforward condition to be easily tested for and diagnosed by a doctor and then instantly fixed with medication or therapy.

Despite this complexity, the one-size-fits-all approach currently practiced by our medical professionals pushes far too many into using powerful prescription medications (with their potentially negative side effects) and without even considering alternatives!

After hundreds of hours of research, a comprehensive, complete, and accurate guide has been created to help you understand everything there is to know about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder…written specifically for you, even if you have no prior knowledge of ADHD or other behavioral disorders.

Every single important fact…from symptoms to treatments, to the latest theories of testing and diagnosis are laid out for you in this groundbreaking new guide

  What is ADD/ADHD, its history, characteristics, and difference between the two acronyms.

  Theories and potential causes of ADD/ADHD, from brain function, to brain processing.

  The new up-and-coming ADD/ADHD testing techniques.

  How scientists are converging on a single theory about the cause of ADD;

  Why a nutritional approach to ADD may give better and healthier results than prescription drugs.

  Proper nutrition including eating disorders, vitamins and minerals, DHA, and carbohydrate intolerance.

  Five natural substances that have been proven to improve behavior.

Understanding the relationship between two common minerals that together support all muscle performance and nerve transmission, including the effective timing and release of neurotransmitters.

  How you can use a professionally-developed and clinically-proven nutrition plan to achieve biochemical balance in the brain, resulting in a calmer demeanor, better focus, more impulse control, improved planning skills, greater sensitivity to others, and an overall improved ability to organize thoughts and actions.

You Too Can Prevent, Control, Manage & Even Beat Your Diabetes

  • Are you having trouble winning at the Diabetes Game?
  • Are you trying to decide which diet you should be on?
  • Do you just want a better quality of life, without counting carb, calories, sugars, fats, or proteins?
  • Would you like a simple, easy reference to help you decide what is the best plan for you?
  • Do you want access to a team of specialist to control, manage or even eliminate your Diabetes?
  • Would you like to learn about the latest research and new equipment when it comes to Diabetes?
  • Would you like to win at the Diabetes Game?


  The glycemic index and how to use it balance your diet.

 The skinny on sugar substitutes! Don’t experiment until you read this section it could save your life.

 The tremendous power of mind over body. (NIH researcher links cellular health with emotional state).

 The secret diet that the “weight loss experts” don’t want you to know about!

  5 simple techniques that can PREVENT diabetes.
 The roles your pancreas and kidneys play in this disease!

 The biochemical secret that normalizes your blood sugar level at lightening speed.


  Dine out (enjoy knowing that nothing you’ve ordered from the menu will harm you).

 Eat as a family (instead of having to have separately prepared meals).

 Cook healthy, delicious meals (instead of flavorless glop and yes, you can eat sweets).

EliminateEthis disease (and others) by following a few simple rules.

 Satisfy your sweet tooth with damaging side effects.

Save $$$$ versus having to buy special foods, testing equipment and doctor visits.


Discover the Secrets To Treating Back, Knee, Leg and Shoulder Pains - Sciatica, Pinched Nerves, Herniated Discs Chronic Headaches and Carpal Tunnel

Throw Away Your Back Pain Pills
I don't care which medications you are taking: anti-inflammatories, pain killers, non-steroidals, steroidals, they're only masking the fact that you have an unhealthy back. Your pain is sending you a message. Every day you continue using those pills is a day your spine, your muscles, and your nerve roots continue to degenerate. This system I am about to expose to you is simpler and more effective at relieving your pain and in the long run will restore integrity to your spine. This system attacks your pain by attacking the cause, not the symptoms. Medications are an insult to your health and to your body's intelligence. Pain is your body's method of communicating to you that there is something wrong. Let me show you how to fix it!!!

This system focuses on the lower back, legs, and pelvis. It will relieve your lower back pain, hip pain, sciatica, pinched nerves, numbness or tingling along the legs, even knee pain, and herniated disc symptoms! But make no mistake about it, this simple, five minute system relieves back pain immediately! The simplistic design of this program is also guaranteed. This system combats arthritic pain in the knee and lower back, reduces leg pain and increases circulation within the legs. All in a simple system you can do in five minutes per day!!!

The system is easily done anywhere. It is a fourteen technique system. The first seven techniques decompress and align your spine, bringing immediate relief of all these symptoms. For many people, these first seven are all the techniques that are needed. The second seven stabilize and strengthen the spine, the hip and knee joints, bringing added stability to your back and relieving hip and knee pains. The system is simple, easy and fun to understand with insightful tips, and fully colored, easy to follow photography and can be yours when you  become a member to Natural Home Cures.

Breathe Easy and Say Goodbye To Asthma Forever
With A Permanent Treatment Without Inhalers


Prior to the 1930’s, asthma was virtually untreatable? Even so, fatalities were rare and the percentage of asthmatics remained small and unchanged?

The first rise in asthma mortality rates during the 1930’s coincided with the introduction of the first asthma medication, adrenaline?

The American Lung Association (ALA) reports that between 1980 and 1994 the number of cases of asthma increased by 75% and they show no signs of slowing down? These statistics are staggering considering the number of new drugs that have been released in the last 10-15 years.

The Western medical community has not found a cause for asthma? They are only able to treat the symptoms with trigger removal suggestions and with a variety of medications.

It could be the same medications you are taking that are causing your asthma to get worse. Medical studies have shown bronchodilator usage increases over time along with the number of attacks an asthmatic experiences per day.

Each year the number of asthmatic adults and children increases, and over 5,500 asthmatics die. Could you or your child be next?

  • Freedom from the suffering of your sudden asthma attacks?
  • Freedom from the horror of ending up in the emergency room or even worse?
  • No more sleepless nights from the worry of your asthma flaring up?
  • Money in your pocket instead of paying for medical products and services?
  • Your life back? To have the ability to do what you like, whenever you want?
  • <>Freedom from taking medications that make you feel drowsy, light headed or crummy?


 You will find that your asthma will start to disappear - if not TOTALLY be gone - in a week.

 You will spend more time with your family and friends, enjoying your life asthma free.

 You will feel better, sleep better, breathe better and your energy will go through the roof!

 You will never have to worry about having an asthma problem again.

Live and dream without the frustration and fear caused by your asthma conditions.

 Breathe easy by making a natural throat spray for asthma.

 Have the extra cash that you currently spend on prescription drugs and hospital visits.

Forget Alzheimer's Forever
It's a good bet that you, like the rest of us, have forgotten something and then, jokingly, said, "it must be old-timers disease."

We didn't mean to be hurtful, but our comment can cut deeply if there is a person present who is trying to cope with the disease.

With more than 18 million known cases of Alzheimer's Disease world-wide, the odds are that you have had some contact with someone who is close to this horribly degenerating disease.

Maybe you even suspect that a loved one is exhibiting early stage symptoms of Dementia and/or Alzheimer's Disease.

If you think that may be the case you to become a member right now. 

Learning what you need to know to understand the disease gives you a definite roadmap for how to cope, not only with the disease, but with caring for your loved one.

Alzheimer's Disease is actually a form of dementia.  What comes first - dementia or Alzheimer's?  There are many conditions being investigated as possible causes of Alzheimer's Disease.

  • Symptoms and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
  • How Does Alzheimer's Affect Brain Functioning?
  • Ten Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease
  • What to Expect When Someone has Alzheimer's Disease?
  • Genetics of Alzheimer's Disease
  • Genes Affecting Alzheimer's Disease
  • Estrogen and Alzheimer's Disease
  • Effective Pharmacologic Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
  • Does Gingko Biloba Treat Alzheimer's Disease?
  • Ten Easy Ways to Delay and Five Steps to Preventing Alzheimer's Disease
  • The backyard plant that relieves Alzheimer's. Equally effective as the leading drug! You can even reduce your risk of getting Alzheimer's.

Lower Cholesterol Naturally Without Costly Drugs And Suffering Through The Miserable Side Effects Of Statin Drugs

There is 107 million American adults who had a blood cholesterol level high enough to require medical advice.  Of which thousands of lives are lost every year to this very treatable but highly ignored ailment.

Do you know the warning signs for high cholesterol?  Are you aware of your LDL and HDL levels?  Do you even know what they mean?

If you don’t have a clue what we are talking about, you are definitely high risk for this potential killer

  • What is cholesterol and how does it affect your health?
  • How do you know your at risk?
  • Is there a test that will let you know you have it?
  • How does it affect my lifestyle and will I need to take medications?
  • The 3 supplements that will stop oxidizing of your cholesterol.
  • How to drop your cholesterol 50 points with a 2-minute snack?
  • How to cure high blood pressure on your coffee break?
  • How exercise and supplements play a roll in stopping this?
  • The inexpensive nutritional supplement used to dissolve cholesterol like artery detergent without the unwanted side effects.
Conquer Stress, Depression, & Anxiety Drug Free,
Quickly, Naturally & Permanently Using A Proven, Safe Method

Did you know that statistically there are more heart attacks on Monday mornings than at any other time in the United States?  It’s true.  Traffic, debts, work.  They all contribute to STRESS! 

Stress related heart attacks and strokes contribute to more heart attacks in the US than any other disease.  The good news is that you CAN do something about it.

Natural Home Cures will discuss methods to learn how to prevent and cope with stress in your daily life.  Learn exactly what stress is and how to fight it.  Did you know that you can actually go through different stages of stress before you even realize it is affecting your life?

Discover the source of stress and uncover the factors in your daily life that contribute to it.  Explore in depth, what the warning signs and symptoms of stress are like and how you trigger them.

You'll learn answers to these and many more questions:

Understand the root cause of stress, anxiety, depression, panic, worry and nervousness.

See why there are physical symptoms such as backache, headache and muscle pain.

See how flawed and harmful modes of thinking fuel your nightmare.

Recognize why exhaustion makes it hard to do simple tasks and how one simple technique beat it 

Learn to deal with uncertainty and change so you don't descend into anxiety, stress, or depression. 

Never buy an antidepressant for the rest of your life and you'll save yourself thousands.

Cut Stress Now... 16 Quick Relaxation Techniques.

Raise your confidence and self-esteem and it will lower your stress.

#1 Stress Reducer; takes 30 seconds and provides a stress free day no matter what you encounter.

Where Else Can You Turn For Immediate Help With Gambling, Relationship, Smoking, Drugs, Internet And Other Addictions?

Ever have trouble setting limits and keeping them? Or maybe you know someone else who struggles with this? Battling dependencies, heck even admitting to them, can be a real pain today.

In this section of our website you will learn how to:

  Find information about the basics of Addiction, in laymen’s term.

  Learn about the How Addiction Works inside the body, in non-doctor-speak.

  Uncover information about the long-term effects of addiction.

  Learn about other factors in addiction: genetic, environmental, behavioral (& parental) influences.

  Take a look at several of the Top Dependencies and targeted symptoms and help for each.

  Learn about the three types of alcohol and drug users.

  Check out the facts on the Impact of Gambling and see if you spot any of the signs.

  Resources of toll-free help hotlines, support groups and resources that you may access from home.

Fill In Your Bald Spot With Our Natural Hair Care 
And Hair Regrowth Products You Can Make At Home

In the United States alone, approximately 50 million men suffer from hair loss.

Hair loss is on the increase in today’s society. It’s affecting us, our family and our friends. And the problem of hair loss is not going to just disappear…

There are 5 critical steps you need to follow in order to conquer your hair loss:

Critical Step #1: Understand why YOUR hair loss is occurring

Critical Step #2: Be equipped with the most powerful treatments and techniques - sifting through hundreds of scams to find one or two “real deal” treatments is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Critical Step #3: Develop a combination approach treatment regime.

Critical Step #4: Develop a plan of action, and decide which treatments to include in your regime. Then you need to get hold of these treatments at reasonable prices.

Critical Step #5: Commit to a plan and then find an effective way to track your results. It’s the only way that you’ll know whether your treatment regime is working...

  How to zero-in and conquer your exact type of hair loss.

 Which strategies have been clinically proven to stop hairloss, revive and regrow lost hair.

 How to choose the most effective treatments at a small fraction of the price.

 How to combine different hairloss strategies to add serious rocket-fuel to your treatment.

 How to avoid costly mistakes by putting trust in the wrong people

 Why going bald puts you in a much higher risk category of getting diseases

  How to hide your hair loss right NOW and have a completely natural-looking head of hair.

 How to make sure that you’re contributing to your hair growth, rather than destroying your hair.

 Learn the destructive factors that are the root cause of your hair loss problem.

 5 Foods you should start eating right now to boost your chances of saving your hair.

 This is all yours and more when you become a member to Natural Home Cures.

Your Green Thumb Gives You The Plant Of Life

Discover How 70 plant extracts can treat over 300 ailments.

How tropical fruits and their leaves provide a dozen amazing remedies.

Which fruit juice to avoid if you're suffering high blood pressure.

Which fruit juice can reduce heart disease by as much as 50%.

Reduce repeat strokes and heart attacks by 50% and reduce bowel cancers up to 40%.

Which fruit will make you gain weight.

The best herbs for Gout, stomach and intestinal tract problems,  Arthritis and varicose veins.

The best herbs to prevent and cure colds, flu's, sore throats, brittle nails, head and tooth aches.

Learn which plant extracts to use for blocked veins, low and high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Find out the plants and juices that boost the immune system, fight cancers and the aids virus.

Improve your vision with one delicious fruit that will even double your night vision.

How to rid foot and skin fungus and conditions while improving skin color and tone.

How to stop and cure convulsions with a garden weed.

 All You Ever Really Wanted to Know About Vitamins and Minerals

 Nutritional Supplements: What You Really Need For Optimal Health

Make Your Own Skin Care Products And
Say Goodbye To Acne, Moles, Warts, And Skin Tags In Less Than 5 Days

At last, the truth will be exposed so that YOU can Cure Your Acne, Moles, Warts and Skin Conditions Naturally and get your Confidence back - from the comfort of your own home.

You will spend more time with your family and friends, showing off your clear skin.

You will feel better and look better, and your self-confidence and self-esteem will go through the roof. 

Plus, you will never have to worry about having a serious skin problem again. After trying this simple, inexpensive approach you'll put money in your pocket instead of paying for doctor visits, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medications.

The Beauty Industry has closely guarded this secret for decades. They didn't want you to know that you could mix simple, inexpensive products that are probably in your kitchen cabinet right now that will get rid of pimples and acne!  They weren't going to let their secret out of the bag because you would never need to buy their expensive products again.

Well I have uncovered their secrets and I am willing to share it with you as a member to Natural Home Cures.  This unbelievable formula will clear up your pimples and acne, get rid of blemishes, uneven skin tones, patchy skin, and save you a fortune!  You'll save hundreds of dollars on cleansers; makeup and prescriptions because you wont need them anymore!

Dry, scaly patches and large pores will appear much smaller.  Skin will develop a smoother more youthful appearance.  You'll finally know how to get rid of pimples on your back.  Blemishes will be a thing of the past, and you probably have the ingredients in your kitchen cabinets right now!

When the ingredients are mixed together they will perform three major tasks

Exfoliate: The mild abrasives in this formula gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

Balance pH: This ingredient brings skin back to the natural balance nature intended for our skin.

Soften: The softening agent leaves skin soft and smooth.

And all of this is yours when you become a member to Natural Home Cures

Banish Your Chronic Bad Breath In 1 Day and

Reverse Gum Disease in 7 All Without Visiting The Dentist

Did You Know that chronic bad breath or halitosis is often a precursor to more serious oral and general health problems?

The American Medical Association (AMA) and American Dental Association (ADA) have linked even the mildest forms of gum disease such as gingivitis, to certain forms of cancer and even heart disease.

People with gingivitis and periodonitist have a mortality rate that is up to 46% higher than those who don't.

The same plaque and germs that cause tooth decay and gum inflammation is found in the same plaque that builds up in your heart and arteries.

95% of products on the market today are ineffective at reducing and reversing bad breath and gum disease.

Mouth ulcers and canker sores are caused not by the food and drinks you consume, but by the very ingredients in toothpaste and rinses you are using?

Make your own natural toothpaste and mouthwash so safe even children can use it.

Prevent Tooth Decay by using a number of herbs that kill bacteria that thrives in the mouth.

Muscle Building Mania - A Blueprint To Building

A Body You Can Be Proud Of

Whether you want to get into shape or be a Professional Body Builder who competes; you’ll get all the facts you need without the body building industry confusion. You will receive answers to question:

  How do I build and strengthen muscle?

   What, how often and how much should I eat?

  Is there a specific diet for building muscle?

  How many calories should I eat?

  Should I take supplements?

  Should I join a gym or can I create my own gym at home?

  How do I protect yourself against outrageous claims by over zealous marketers?

  What changes do I need to make in my dietary habits for maximum bodybuilding impact?

While these may seem like very simple answers to a bodybuilding veteran, for the novice faced with decisions that may affect health and lifestyle they are extremely important. You will find answers to the questions above when you become a Natural Home Cures member.

But that is not all…you will also learn

Prepare your own herbal cough syrup, without alcohol or side effects and its safe for children.

Treat impotence, infertility or low sex drive with our natural aphrodisiac preparations. 

Make your own Tinctures, Essential oil, Salves, Ointments, and Glycerinates.

Make your own Compresses, Ice packs, Pills, Capsules, Decoctions, Teas and more.

Relive Diarrhea by making a rice preparation that returns fluids and nutrients lost to the body. 

Create a instant Heartburn remedy that refreshes your stomach without depleting digestive acids.

Discover the right mixture of herbs to prepare a Cold and Flu tea that allows you to recover faster.

Learn how to make a chemical free Homemade Chest Rub.

Reduce throat irritation by preparing a natural gargle tonic.

Impressive sore throat gargle or tea that returns your normal voice in just 5 minutes.

Create an Immunity System Booster that will keep you away from the doctor's office. 

 How to Stay Healthy on Your Next Airplane Flight

 Ginger for Upset Stomach

 Secrets of Self-Healing and Realization from Chinese Medicine

 The little-known heart attack symptom that so many people tragically ignore.

 The powerful natural powder that stops and shrinks most prostate tumors

Double your immunity to colds. Echinacea... Vitamin C... Zinc... You've tried them all, and they don't work, do they? But our team found a foolproof immunity booster that will.

 Reverse brain drain. Neurologists call this breakthrough "arborization." It makes your neurons secrete new growth hormones, reactivating your brain. And you can do it yourself in just 20 minutes a day

Triple or quadruple your resistance to macular degeneration. And stop it cold, even if you're already showing symptoms. An impressive study has now been performed on people already showing symptoms of macular degeneration. Amazingly, a simple change in their eating habits made them 3 to 4 times more likely to preserve their good vision.

But that is not all you also get a long list of remedies for

Aids & HIV
Anorexi Anervosa
Ankylosing Spondylitis


Athletes Foot
Back Ache
Bed Sores
Bed Wetting
Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy
Blood Clots
Body Odor
Childbirth the Natural Way
Cirrhosis of the Liver

Colds & Flu
Cold Sore
Colon Cleansing

Defective Vision
Dental Care & Products
Dry Hair
Ear Ache

Eye Care
Food Poisoning
Frost Bite
Fungal Infection
Gal Bladder Disorders
Habitual Abortion
Hair Loss
Hay Fever
Headaches and Migraines
Heart Burn
Heart Disease
Heavy Metal Poisoning
Hiatus Hernia
High Blood Cholesterol
Inflammation Of The Uterus
Insect Bites
Intestinal Worms
Kidney Stones
Memory Cognition Problems

MenoPausal Problems
Menstrual Disorders
Mental Health Disorders
Motion Sickness
Muscular Cramps
Nail Problem
Nose Bleeds

Peptic Ulcer
Periodontal Disease
Poison Ivy Oak and Sumac
Premature Of Gray Hair
Premenstrual Syndrome
Prolapse Of The Uterus
Prostate Disorders
Pruritus Vulvae
Ring Worm
Raynaud's Disease
Sexual Impotence
Sleep Disorders
Soar Throats
Sports Injury
The Common Cold
Tobacco Dependency
Urinary Problems
Varicose Veins
Venereal Diseases
Viral Infection
Whooping Cough

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